Queens Award for Voluntary Service Sea Cadets image  TS Otter RYA Recognised Training Center

Introduction to Tewkesbury Sea Cadets

Tewkesbury Sea Cadets is an independent charity that forms part of the Sea Cadet Corps.

Our aim is to give young people a head start in life through nautical adventure and fun through the customs and traditions of the Royal Navy.

Here is a small sample of activities that Tewkesbury Sea Cadet take part in.

  • Dinghy Sailing and sailing regattas
  • Fixed seat rowing
  • Drill competitions
  • Sliding seat rowing
  • First aid training
  • Football competitions
  • Community support activites
  • Fund raising
  • Marine Engineering courses and competitions

How to get involved?

Tewkesbury Sea Cadets parade on a Monday and Wednesday evening from 7pm to 9:15pm. For information on how your child could join Tewkesbury Sea Cadets, send an email to the Commanding Officer.

Please also note that we are always looking for helpers and volunteers to help at the unit. There is a wide range of ways you could help, from making sure the 'tea boat' is stocked to teaching Cadets how to sail. Please do get in touch if you are interested in giving even a small amount of your time every week to help out.

Dinghy Sailing

Sea Cadets sailing a Quest

As an RYA Accredited Training Centre, Tewkesbury Sea Cadets are keen to ensure our Cadets spend as much time on the water as possible. We provide training to Sea Cadets through the RYA Youth Sailing Scheme (YSS). We also support our cadets to spend the weekends at Sea Cadet National Training Centres eg. Weymouth, where they can experience sailing on the sea and more advanced courses like 'Start Racing' and 'Seamanship'.

Fixed seat rowing

Sea Cadets rowing

At Tewkesbury Sea Cadets we have several fixed seat rowing boats called Trinity 500s. These rowing boats provide an excellent introduction to safe fun on the water. We enter the District rowing competitions, at which we normally do very well. Training for the competition builds fitness and the cadets learn to work as a team. As they grow in experience, they become qualified as Coxswain and begin to take command of their own crew and Trinity 500.


Winners of 2019 District football competition

Throughout the year we meet up with other Sea Cadet units in our district for competitions. The competitions include...

  • Football (as pictured here, 2019 District winners)
  • Sailing Regatta
  • Combined Regatta (includes  rowing, kayaking, sail/power/rowing boat handling)
  • Drill 
  • Swimming
  • Marine Engineering 

Community Activities

Cadets on parade

We build a strong sense of community into our Cadets with activities in and around Tewkesbury. Typically we help with the car parking at the Tewkesbury Half Marathon and Medieval Festival as well as poppy selling.


Sliding Seat Rowing

Yole and pair of cadets

Our sliding seat rowing craft are called Yoles. The can be configured as single or pairs and our cadets are very competitive in their rowing.



Yole and pair of cadets

At present we are unable to take our cadets kayaking as we are looking for a kayaking instructor.


RYA Shorebased Training Centre

Navigation theory

Sea cadets learn basic navigation and can take the RYA Essential Navigation and Seamanship course.


Drill, care of uniform and Remembrance Parade

Parading through Tewkesbury

Drill and care of uniform develops a sense of pride and care that encourage cadets to look after themselves and what they have. This is demonstrated every year on Remebrance Sunday when TS Otter parade through the town in the Tewkesbury Remembrance Parade.