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Parade Nights

Q: What time does it start?

A: Parade nights start at 19:00 (that's 7pm for land lubbers) and finish around 21:15 (9:15pm).

Q: What nights are parade night?

A: Parade nights are Mondays and Wednesdays.


Q: How does my Cadet book onto a course?

A: Each Cadet is responsible for requesting to be booked onto a course. They must fill in a course request form at the unit and put it into the course request drawer in the admin office.

Q: What equipment does a cadet need for boating?

A: Suncream, water bottle and a change of clothes.

Q: What activities can a cadet take part in of an evening??

A: Powerboating, dinghy sailing, fixed seat rowing, sliding seat rowing (Yoleing), kayaking, canoeing.

Sea Cadet Organisation

Q: Whats the difference between District and Area?

A: TS Otter is one unit in the Severn District and the Severn District is in the South West Area.

When the cadets compete in competitions, the first competition is at district level against about 10 other nearby Sea Cadet units, Eg. Malvern. Winners and sometimes, runners up, of District competitions go on to represent the District at area competitions.

Winners and again, sometimes runners up, of area competitions go on to represent the area at national competitions.

Going Offshore

Q: What types of Offshore trips are there?

A: Offshore trips can be put into three different types.

TS Royalist is the Sea Cadet flagship. Technically she is a brig, but think the Black Perl in Pirates of the Carribbean and you wont go far wrong.

Yachts refers to two identical Rustler 42 sailing yachts.

TS Jack Petchey and TS John Jerwood are near identical power vessels

Q: How does my Cadet get to the start or end point of an offshore trip?

A: Included in the price is the transfer to and from the start and end point of the trip starting from a drop off somewhere local, Eg. Cheltenham railway station. Even if the trip is abroad Eg. Amersterdam or St Malo, the Sea Cadets organise the transfer.

Q: How much does an offshore trip cost?

A: Cost of the trip varies from year to year but in 2019 prices are £330 including a £50 deposit. If the cost is difficult for you, bursaries can be applied for, talk to the CO.

Q: Why do I have to book them so far in advance?

A: The offshore trips are National courses and are very popular. To obtain a place, we have to look nearly a year in advance to enable several cadets from the unit to go together. Short notice offshore trips do become available from time to time, due to cancellations or at the unpopular start or end of the season. Talk to the TO if your cadet does not mind going alone or taking a short notice chilly trip.


Raise money for Tewkesbury Sea Cadets

Q: Is there an easy way I can raise money for Tewkesbury Sea Cadets?

A: Yes there is. Simply go to Easy Fundraising, sign up for free and get shopping. That's it.

Q: What if I want to do a challenge or sporting event and get sponsorship for Tewkesbury Sea Cadets?

A: That's great. We are registered with Virgin Money Giving so please use that.

What about uniform?

Q: Where can I get boots?

A: We have no affiliation with any on-line shop that sells boots, however we have had good reports from Cadet Direct

Q: How do I care for the uniform?

A: Instructions for how to look after the uniform we supply should have been given to you in the joiners pack. Ask a member of staff on parade night for a new one.

Question not answered?

If your question is not answered here, Send an email to info@tsotter.org